Terms & Conditions

*Client agrees All Services will take place CURBSIDE, no drive-thru style events. Our insurance does not allow it, and it’s for the safety of your guests. Drive-by is ok if the serving side is curbside.

*Client agrees to provide suitable contracted facility for Caterer to perform duties required for the number of guests expected. Client understands the truck requires approximately two normal parking spaces. If parallel parking, three spaces are needed. If parking in a lot or driveway – front first there should be another spot to the right (passenger side) for guests to be served. Client agrees to arrange for or personally provide access to said facility to accommodate the reasonable set-up and preparation prior to the event. Client acknowledges responsibility for all liability arising from the rental and use of said facility, that is not a direct result of the caterer’s activities.

*Client acknowledges liability for any damage to the truck and rental equipment (if any) used during the course of the event caused by a guest of the client.

*If client is having their event at a public beach or park, it is the clients’ responsibility to obtain proper permits if needed. If park is part of an HOA, client is responsible for obtaining proper approval. If our truck is asked to leave due to client not obtaining proper permits or approvals, client is still responsible for payment in full. Here is a link for OC Parks Permits. https://www.ocparks.com/rnp/permits

*The deposit is a RETAINER, which holds the date and timeframe for the clients’ event. If the date/time is let go by the client, the retainer is forfeited.

*Client shall confirm booking at least 3 days prior via email to: hello@1905icecreamco.com or text 888.910.1905

*In the event of a mechanical failure or accident with the truck, we will refund any deposits and try to find another truck for your event. We will notify you via text, phone call, and/or email if there are any issues.

* Client agrees that a reversal on a credit card charge will not be allowed and that if reversal does occur the Client is liable for the originally charged amount, as well as any chargeback fees and all other costs incurred by the caterer, including but not limited to, collection of the debt, bank charges, check charges, etc.

*Arbitration: Failure of either the Client or Caterer to comply with the agreements set forth in this Catering Agreement shall make the party liable for damages to the affected party. Any claim by either party for such damages shall be presented in writing to the other party within 15 days past the event date. Both parties agree to obtain an arbitrator or mediator should a dispute arise.

*Confirming your estimate/contract indicates agreement with the terms outlined above. *Payment of deposit also indicates agreement with the terms outlined above.

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