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We bring the ice cream fun to Seal Beach.

Welcome to 1905 Ice Cream Company in Seal Beach, CA! Brace yourself for a journey back in time with our classic ice creams, now available at your next event.

Our ice cream truck is your golden ticket to reliving the magic of timeless ice cream treats. From the ice cream sandwich to the sheer delight of the big stick, we’re serving the classics that will transport you straight to nostalgia.

Whether planning a seaside celebration, a neighborhood get-together, or a fun corporate event, our ice cream truck catering service is the cherry on top. Our treats satisfy cravings and sprinkle joy and laughter into every moment.

Imagine your guests’ thrill as our ice cream truck cruises into your Seal Beach event. Your guests will be grinning from ear to ear as they indulge in their all-time favorites.

Don’t miss out on this happiness! Elevate your event with our delightful ice cream truck catering. Contact us today to secure your spot on our schedule and experience the best classic ice cream treats in Seal Beach, CA!

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